Sunday, March 25, 2007

lazy links.

because I've been neglecting the ol' blood and ink I thought I'd get back into things by posting some links to cool shit because I'm too damn lazy to write anything substantial.

James Brown (not that James Brown) has started a blog in preparation for his master's thesis. The blog is an interesting examination of architectural presentation. This includes many comics references and cool pictures of weird buildings.
no words no action

chances are if you're into comics and you're on the internet you've seen Lambiek's giant cartoonist encyclopedia. I could spend forever there.

I hesitate to post things that read like "news" here but here's a couple of time wasters.

tom spurgeon has a link to booklist's top ten children's comics that might interest those with or around kids.

I hesitate to mention this but there's a big nerd battle going on all over the internet about whether or not comics of the nineteen seventies were more or less important or good than comics of other decades. start here and follow some links if you care. I would weigh in with my own opinion of the subject but it would just boil down to a big "who fucking cares?"

come back tomorrow and I'll have something a little more interesting (seems like I say that a lot lately)

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