Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm back!

okay, I was away for a little bit, sorry. I'm a no good lout. I tell people to post regularly then I split... what a dick thing to do. I have been writing but everything is still kind of half formed and incoherent. with luck I'll get back to the whole "making comics" thing in a bit. in the meantime, here's another somewhat lackluster post full of links and one off comments...
check out this book
I may not know what art is but I know Andrei does.
Tony Millionaire draws Bukowski (sort of)
My love affair with Bukowski dried up long ago, but my love affair with Drinky Crow will never die. (oh yeah, go to Maakiesdotcom for more)
freelancers go here
if you love color swatches (and who doesn't?) check this out.

more soon.

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